Delivering Innovation

MediWiSe designs and develops innovative wireless devices in the fields of medical diagnostics and monitoring.

We pioneer cutting-edge innovation to develop safer and affordable solutions for better patient care. As healthcare leaders contend with today’s quality, accessibility, and cost challenges, MediWiSe is offering solutions that address these key strategic issues.

The expertise of our team allows us to harness disruptive technology and to use proven knowledge in new ways to broaden accessibility, increase safety and drive up productivity

Introducing GlucoWise: Live a Healthier Life with GlucoWiseTM


Advancing Care

Through the harnessing of effective new technologies that make real differences to patients’ lives, we are committed to using our expertise and experience to make patient-centred, quality healthcare more accessible.

We innovate to provide affordable healthcare for the long term making sustainable healthcare a reality.

Introducing: GlucoWise

Meet the new non-invasive glucose monitor

GlucoWise is an affordable, non-invasive, glucose-sensing platform. The revolutionary technology allows people with diabetes to accurately and continuously monitor their blood sugar levels to better manage their condition. The glucose readings are instantly displayed on the device or can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile app, where the patient can manage data and receive alerts.