MediWise is developing wireless sensing technologies for medical imaging and monitoring applications. Exceptional people are at the heart of our business. Our company provides an entrepreneurial, team oriented, dynamic environment where the right kind of people can accelerate their careers and personal development. We are always interested to hear from bright individuals with relevant experience who share our passion for technology development and who can contribute to our business.

Below you will find a list of opportunities currently available at MediWise. Even if not recruiting, we encourage individuals interested in a career with us to forward their CVs including a brief covering letter stating their suitability to

Metamaterials and Antenna Designers

Microwave Engineering Experimentalists

Metamaterials and antenna designers, as well as microwave engineering experimentalists full time positions are available in MediWise's London Offices to work with Dr Themos Kallos and academic partners King's College London on industry-led projects. The successful candidates will contribute to on-going research towards the development of a novel radio frequency sensor for non-invasive glucose monitoring and/or towards a microwave imaging system for breast cancer detection.

Posts are available from March 2015 onwards at 35,000GBP - 45,000GBP per annum, depending on qualifications and experience.

The Project

The applicant will work on one or both of the projects described below.

The first project aims at developing a clinical prototype of a glucose monitoring system to estimate glucose levels in the patient's blood from transmission and reflection data collected by a pair of tailor-made antennas operating in the mm-wave frequency range between 57-72 GHz. The key novel technical aspect of this sensor is the transmission of low-power non-ionizing radio-waves through the earlobe or hand, which is an unused part of the electromagnetic spectrum. MediWise has already conducted the first round of controlled laboratory measurements, which demonstrated that it is possible to track the blood glucose levels using waves in this frequency range.

The second project focuses on microwave imaging (MWI), an emerging viable alternative to other well-established medical imaging techniques, operating between 1 -5 GHz. For example, MWI preclinical prototypes have shown potential as a safe, comfortable, and low-cost imaging modality for detecting breast tumours. In this project, the team will undertake the key task of developing these image formation algorithms taking into account parallel hardware developments by King's College London (KCL) (novel antenna designs and metamaterial-based impedance matching surfaces). KCL will complement the novel hardware with super-resolution microwave imaging algorithms to deliver novel prototypes for cancer diagnosis and other medical imaging applications. We anticipate that these hardware and algorithmic developments will lead to unprecedented performance for MWI systems.

MediWise's patent-pending technology includes the use of metamaterial films (metasurfaces) that is applied against the skin and minimizes the reflections of the radiated signal due to impedance mismatch. The applicant will work on designing, fabricating and testing this metamaterial, and efficiently couple it with an optimized antenna to maximize transmission through the human tissue.

Desired Skills

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering or Applied Physics
  • Experience in metamaterial and/or antenna design
  • Experience in using CST, Comsol, HFSS, or similar electromagnetic simulation software
  • Experience in experimental aspects of microwave engineering (antenna fabrication, VNA measurements, calibration procedures, etc.)
  • Ambition to make a dent in the universe

You'll need to be smart, committed and practical. We'll provide you with some support and advice, but you will be expected to work hard, learn fast and be largely independent. Beyond that, we just need to be convinced that you'll be able to do some of the things we need to get done. If you have the ambition to leave a dent in the universe and you're smart enough, you'll enjoy working with us! As part of a small team you'll have to opportunity to influence the direction and success of the Company.

For inquiries please contact:
Dr Themos Kallos
Chief Science Officer

Note that the funding body for this project has other available opportunities for experienced scientists placed at the academic partner. For more information please contact the project's academic partner, Dr Panagiotis Kosmas, at King's College London (