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January 2012

MediWiSe secures ImpactQM internship

ImpactQM is a ground-breaking knowledge transfer project from Queen Mary University of London which aims to create a new generation of science and engineering professionals by linking early career researchers with selected industry partners. This prestigious scheme - originally funded through a QM�s EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Account - has been running since 2009 and has placed an average of 20 PhD students a year in organisations such as Shell Global, GlaxoSmithKline, start-ups, consultancies, the Government Office for Science, and research charities. A variety of successful outcomes include new research and new external partnerships.

MediWiSe has been selected as an industry partner and it is proud to offer an internship placement to Mr Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan , a PhD candidate in his writing up stage , who will be working on a 6-month project to optimize the antenna design in MediWiSe�s In Vivo Dosimeter. Mr Khan will receive training in advanced CAD modeling and design of implementable wireless sensors and develop an understanding in the interaction of electromagnetic and the human tissue.

For more information on the ImpactQM project please click here.

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